Finca El Parasío

We are huge fans of African coffee at Carvetii and it is very likely that our espresso blend will contain a coffee from Africa.  We really enjoy the fruity flavours, the citrus bursts and the often challenging flavours which can accompany an African coffee, particularly if it is a natural processed one.

We have to concede, however, that there is also room for a more familiar coffee.  Something easy drinking with which to sit back and relax; maybe something for a chill our Sunday morning.  We chose Finca El Parasío for this very reason.

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This coffee has a delicate acidity and front end flavours of butter toffee.  We were very taken by the sweetness in the cup, particularly as it cools.  There is a wonderful lingering aftertaste which reminded us of a combination of caramel and chocolate.

This coffee is currently available to buy on our website.

Finca El Parasío via @carvetiicoffee

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