On the up

You can expect the price of a cup of coffee to increase in the coming weeks. This article looks at some of the factors which influence the price and explains why we shouldn’t begrudge this increase.

Humble Pie

Over the past few years we’ve roasted coffee from many countries but there are a few notable exceptions. We need to source coffees which fit our roast style, and we tend to work with coffees we enjoy drinking oursleves. However, every once in a while our prejudices are challenged . . .

The Cost of a Cup of Coffee

I recently watched a food related programme on TV which had a focus on the coffee scene in the U.K. As part of the programme, the cost of producing a cup of coffee was calculated along with the amount of profit for the business. I often have discussions with local coffee shop owners with regards…

Then and Now (Part 2)

We started our roasting business five years ago and in the intervening years have developed our roasting to ensure our standards keep growing