May Coffee Subscription

We’re going ‘old school’ for our May Subscription and sharing via a traditional blog post. We’ve been having some work undertaken at the Roastery so we’ve lost the area which allows us to create video content. However, from next month we will have a nicer space to create future content. With a coffee subscription of…

May Coffee Subscription via @carvetiicoffee

March Coffee Subscription

We’ve often purchased coffee from the Remera Washing Station but this one’s a little different. The washing station purchases coffee from numerous smallholders but this particular lot has been selected from just 45 producers. Deemed the Remera Tuzamurane lot, which translates to mean ‘support each other and develop together’ signifying that this coffee comes from…

March Coffee Subscription via @carvetiicoffee

Cold Brewed Coffee

With summer upon us, it’s time to think about ways of getting your daily caffeine intake without having to endure a hot drink! Enter iced or cold brewed coffee. Over the past few years cold brewed coffee in particular has become increasingly popular, with many brands now producing ready made cold brew. In this article…

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Jairo Rodriguez, Colombia

Colombia is a fascinating country when it comes to coffee. With at least 12 distinct coffee growing regions, each with their own microclimate, there is something for everyone from this origin. Whether you like rich chocolate tones or bright fruity notes, it is likely that there will be a Colombian coffee to suit your palette….

Jairo Rodriguez, Colombia via @carvetiicoffee