Coffee Brewing Scales

A set of coffee brewing scales are a ‘must have’ if you want to improve the quality of your coffee brewing and achieve a professional level of consistency. There are a number of scales on the market to suit most budgets; the more you spend, the more features you are likely to have on the…

Decision Making

Like many other business owners up and down the country we are having to make tough decisions on an almost daily basis. Mark my words, whether closed or still trading in some way, business owners will not be able to switch off. Those who have spent years ‘living and breathing’ their businesses day in, day…

Our Guide to the Americano

The americano is arguably the most controversial beverage on a coffee menu. Some coffee shops flatly refuse to serve this drink! The controversy likely lies in how it has been mistreated over the years. Watch the video or keep reading to find out how to produce the best americano. What is it? An americano is…

Where does our coffee come from?

When people meet us for the first time in our role as coffee roaster there are certain questions which inevitably crop up. The most notable of these questions are probably: “Where does your coffee come from?” “Do you travel to origin to visit the farms?” “In your coffee Fairtrade?” “Do you drink a lot of…

A Spotlight on Homeground Coffee + Kitchen

Homeground Coffee + Kitchen has won Cumbria Life Food & Drink Awards ‘Best Cafe’ on two occasions in 2016 & 2018 – definite highlights of four years in business & massively gratifying for both owners and staff who have given so much. Here’s their story and how our relationship with them has developed . . .

Small is Beautiful (and delicious)

We start 2019 with a couple of new components in our Seasonal Espresso Blend. I have always enjoyed the extra interest an African coffee can bring to our blends and was therefore extremely pleased to acquire Galana Abaya Tore from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. We have teamed this up with Machetillo from the San…

The influence of altitude on coffee

The mountains influence our coffee in more ways than you might imagine. In this series of posts we’ll examine in more detail the connections between the mountains and the coffee we roast. Even before it arrives at our Roastery, the coffee has been influenced by the landscape. The soil, aspect, climate and altitude all shape…

Solwara Decaf

Our latest decaf offering is a single origin coffee from the Solwara dry mill in Papua New Guinea. Think fruit and nut in the cup.

An insight into coffee farming

In around a month’s time we’ll be offering a coffee from Finca Nazareth, a farm in the Ahuachapan region of El Salvador. This particular coffee was processed at Finca El Carmen and when we recently met the owner, Fernando Alfaro, we quizzed him a little more on the processing method.

Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is our first coffee from Uganda, a region traditionally associated with low grade robusta. This particular coffee is grown in the east of the country in an area bordering Kenya.

Finca El Chocho

Finca El Chocho is a very easy drinking, smooth coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia. We released this coffee at the end of April so it should be avaialble throughout May.

Ground Coffee

We’ve never sold our coffee in ground form, a principle we’ve adhered to since we opened our Roastery in 2011. There are a number of reasons for this approach, one of which we explore in this article.