Carloman Carranza

This month’s coffee subscription is a very interesting coffee from Peru and gives us the opportunity to discuss varietals. We don’t often pick up on this aspect of coffee but the varietal, or type of coffee plant grown, can have a profound impact on the cup. The varietals in this month’s coffee are both prized…

Carloman Carranza via @carvetiicoffee

Jairo Rodriguez, Colombia

Colombia is a fascinating country when it comes to coffee. With at least 12 distinct coffee growing regions, each with their own microclimate, there is something for everyone from this origin. Whether you like rich chocolate tones or bright fruity notes, it is likely that there will be a Colombian coffee to suit your palette….

Jairo Rodriguez, Colombia via @carvetiicoffee

BUF Nyarusiza 94 Hour Fermentation, Rwanda

A slightly different approach to our subscription this month. For the past two years we have pretty much dodged the Covid outbreak, but have eventually succumbed to it. It’s made roasting and shipping a little bit harder so we’ve reduced the information we’re sending out this month to a written format only. This 100% red…

BUF Nyarusiza 94 Hour Fermentation, Rwanda via @carvetiicoffee

AQUIARES ESTATE Don Alfonso Entre Rios

We’ve been buying coffee from Aquiares Estate for a number of years and are really pleased to be able to offer this one to our subscribers. Diego was told he wouldn’t be able to produce a natural processed coffee on the farm but he saw that as a challenge . . . Watch the Video…

AQUIARES ESTATE Don Alfonso Entre Rios via @carvetiicoffee