A Spotlight on LD24

Sometimes it can be difficult to find that elusive gap in the market when setting up a new business, but for Joe Mullarkey & wife, Sarah, the idea of a specialty coffee shop was one that the people of Warrington had long been crying out for. With early comments including ‘the best coffee in Cheshire’and ‘just what…

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The Journey of a Coffee

It takes a lot of effort and the involvement of many people to get a bag of coffee to the end consumer. The bulk of this effort occurs at origin; the work of farmers, processors and exporters plays a critical role in determining the quality of the coffee. Our job, as a roaster, is to…

Small is Beautiful (and delicious)

We start 2019 with a couple of new components in our Seasonal Espresso Blend. I have always enjoyed the extra interest an African coffee can bring to our blends and was therefore extremely pleased to acquire Galana Abaya Tore from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. We have teamed this up with Machetillo from the San…

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Disposable Coffee Cups

Early in 2018 we began hearing rumblings about the concept of a ‘latte levy’. It followed on from a report by the House of Commons Environmental Committee ( ‘Disposable Packaging: Coffee Cups’, Jan 2018). The report highlighted the following: • around 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK…

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The influence of altitude on coffee

The mountains influence our coffee in more ways than you might imagine. In this series of posts we’ll examine in more detail the connections between the mountains and the coffee we roast. Even before it arrives at our Roastery, the coffee has been influenced by the landscape. The soil, aspect, climate and altitude all shape…

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Carvetii Big Weekend

For those of you interested in a behind-the-scenes look at coffee roasting, we’re opening the doors of our Roastery to the public for one Big Weekend.  On the 24th and 25th November 2018 between 10am and 4pm, you’ll be able to drop in for a coffee, take on one of our taste challenges or try…

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Fellside Cafe, Latrigg

Visitors to a Keswick fell during September will have the unique chance to savour our freshly roasted coffee in an unusual location as part of a charity event. We have pledged to provide all of the coffee for the week-long ‘Experience of a Lifetime’ charity fundraising event organised by Keswick Rotary Club. The event aims…

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Manipulating water for coffee

We recently wrote an article for Taste Cumbria magazine focusing on the component which makes up around 90% of your daily cup of coffee: water. This blog post is intended to build on the content of that article, for those who want to ‘dive a little deeper’ into the impact of water on your coffee….

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Finca Veracruz

The method of processing a coffee affects its overall flavour.  From the sweet, fruity tones of a natural processed coffees, to the bright, complex character of a fully washed coffee, much of what we enjoy from our coffee has been influenced at the farm or mill. The processing method used at Finca Veracruz builds on…

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New Espresso Components

We’ve recently changed the components in our espresso blend, to reflect the seasonal availability of coffee.   We’ve put together a short guide, which includes information about the origins of the components, as well as some suggested recipes.  We believe coffee should be brewed to personal taste but hopefully the information provided here will help…

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Solwara Decaf

Our latest decaf offering is a single origin coffee from the Solwara dry mill in Papua New Guinea. Think fruit and nut in the cup.

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