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We are always looking for ways to make it easier to buy our coffee, tea and hot chocolate. We’ve always preferred it if you but from one of the cafes or shops we supply. In this way you support more than one business. If that isn’t an option then you now have three ways to make a purchase.


All of our products are available on our website and in most instances shipping is included in the price. We ship five days a week, Monday to Friday, with next day delivery an option.

Click & Collect

You can now place your order for collection from our Roastery in Threlkeld. On the shipping page of our website you can select ‘pick up’ and we will normally have your order ready for collection within a couple of hours.

You will receive an email when your order is ready for collection and then it’s simply a case of popping in and collecting at your convenience.

Shop In Person

You can now purchase your coffee, tea and hot chocolate directly from our premises in Threlkeld. Over the past few months the demand for direct sales from our Roastery have increased. In response to this we’ll be trialling an on-site shop allowing the public to call in and make a purchase. The shop will be open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm and we will only be able to accept payments by card.

Our shop is located in the balcony area of our Roastery allowing you a great view of our production space and coffee roasters. We mainly roast coffee Monday to Wednesday depending on the orders coming in from our customers.

There is also a range of brewing equipment on display and members of our team will be more than happy to talk through the various products, from filter papers to coffee grinders.

Coffee Canister Refills

For those of you who would rather purchase coffee in reusable packaging, we now have our stylish coffee canisters. Each of these will hold 350g of wholebean or ground coffee. Bring your coffee canister back for a refill and we will fill it with 350g coffee for the price of 250g. Please note we can only refill our branded coffee canisters.

Coffee Bag Recycling

If you would rather purchase your coffee in bags, you can also return this packaging to us and we will send it away for separation and recycling. Again we can only accept Carvetii packaging.

Covid Safe Visits

At present we will only be allowing one ‘customer’ on site at any one time and we ask you to wear face masks at all times. There will also be sanitising stations as you enter the building. Please make sure you make use of these.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm

Please note we only accept card payments.

More ways to buy via @carvetiicoffee

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