The Carvetii Guide to the V60

The V60 is a pourover coffee brewer developed by Hario, a Japanese glass company, and released in 2004. While many other brands and styles of pourer brewer exist, the V60 has become one of the iconic brands of the specialty industry, and a whole gamut of accessories has grown up around this relatively simple concept….

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The Carvetii Guide to the Cafetiere

Arguably one of the simplest methods to brew coffee, the cafetiere (also known as the coffee press or french press) has been around for nearly 100 years. Some see it as old fashioned and shun its use, while others love it for its simplicity and familiarity. Watch the video for the basic method and then…

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Herdwick Processed Coffee!

Inspired by the success of Kopi Luwak or ‘palm civet’ coffee, we set about creating something similar with one of Cumbria’s icons. Back in September we managed to arrange for 120kg of coffee cherries to be shipped over to our Roastery.  Due to their perishable nature we were very anxious for their arrival but owing…

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Decision Making

Like many other business owners up and down the country we are having to make tough decisions on an almost daily basis. Mark my words, whether closed or still trading in some way, business owners will not be able to switch off. Those who have spent years ‘living and breathing’ their businesses day in, day…

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Ecoagrícola, Limited Release Coffee

Each month we buy a coffee to sell as a Limited Release, a small amount of coffee which has been chosen for a specific reason. These coffees are made available initially to our Limited Release Subscription customers, and then later on general sale. If you want to make sure you never miss one of our…

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Our Guide to the Americano

The americano is arguably the most controversial beverage on a coffee menu. Some coffee shops flatly refuse to serve this drink! The controversy likely lies in how it has been mistreated over the years. Watch the video or keep reading to find out how to produce the best americano. What is it? An americano is…

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Where does our coffee come from?

When people meet us for the first time in our role as coffee roaster there are certain questions which inevitably crop up. The most notable of these questions are probably: “Where does your coffee come from?” “Do you travel to origin to visit the farms?” “In your coffee Fairtrade?” “Do you drink a lot of…

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First Impressions: Victoria Arduino Eagle One

This coming March (2020) the Victoria Arduino Eagle One espresso machine will be launched in the UK. With the official world tour currently underway we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on one of the first models. The machine is only with us for a couple of weeks but it is enough time to…

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A Spotlight on Homeground Coffee + Kitchen

Homeground Coffee + Kitchen has won Cumbria Life Food & Drink Awards ‘Best Cafe’ on two occasions in 2016 & 2018 – definite highlights of four years in business & massively gratifying for both owners and staff who have given so much. Here’s their story and how our relationship with them has developed . . .

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Getting the most from our coffee

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about our coffee. If you have a question or query which we haven’t answered below, please feel free to get in touch using the form below. How quickly after roasting should I use your coffee? All our coffees are roasted fresh each week and…

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A Spotlight on Croziers of Birkdale

Believe it or not, the Croziers name actually dates back almost 150 years to 1870 when the business was established in Lytham. Croziers was always well renowned on the Fylde Coast and they are determined to keep the family tradition of catering alive today. Still a family business (owner, Angela’s great grandparents were the original…

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A Spotlight on Monkey Tree Deli

Monkey Tree Deli in Wigton was the very first place in Cumbria and the Lake District to offer freshly roasted Carvetii coffee, proudly making it Carvetii’s longest serving customer and a trailblazer for specialty coffee in Cumbria.

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