On test: Plant Based Milks Part 1

We’ve decided to take a closer look at Plant Based Milks to find out which, if any, are best suited to using with our coffee. To make things a little more interesting we’re putting them through a number of tests:

  1. Cold Taste Test – quite simply how they taste cold
  2. Cold with Coffee – how well they work as a cold accompaniment to hot coffee
  3. Foamability – how easy they are to work with; the quality and consistency of the foam
  4. Partnered with espresso – how well they make a cappuccino

The candidates are:

Sproud Pea Based Milk
Minor Figurest Oat Milk
Rude Health Soya Milk
Moma Oat Milk
Oatly Oat Milk
Rude Health Almond Milk

Cold Taste Test

The results of the cold taste test can be viewed in the video. We also undertook the taste test as a team to come up with an overall range which we’ve included below.

The milks were ranked by the team as followed from most favourite to least favourite:

  1. Oatly
  2. Minor Figures Oat
  3. Mylk (=3)
  4. Moma Oat (=3)
  5. Rude Health Almond
  6. Rude Health Soya
  7. Sproud

Have your say!

In the next test we will be tasting the milks served alongside a black coffee.

On test: Plant Based Milks Part 1 via @carvetiicoffee

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