A Spotlight on Levens Kitchen

Where is it? In quite simply one of the most picturesque settings you could imagine – in a new purpose- built, architecturally stunning space within the grounds of the Elizabethan House, Levens Hall alongside the world-famous topiary gardens. Levens Hall is located at the gateway to the Lake District National Park on the edge of…

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Coffee Roasting: the colour change

Throughout the process of roasting coffee the beans go through numerous chemical and physical changes. In this post we’re going to delve into the colour changes which occur from green bean to the final roasted product. You can also watch our latest video on this topic! Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel to make…

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Coffee Brewing Scales

A set of coffee brewing scales are a ‘must have’ if you want to improve the quality of your coffee brewing and achieve a professional level of consistency. There are a number of scales on the market to suit most budgets; the more you spend, the more features you are likely to have on the…

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Small is Beautiful (and delicious)

We start 2019 with a couple of new components in our Seasonal Espresso Blend. I have always enjoyed the extra interest an African coffee can bring to our blends and was therefore extremely pleased to acquire Galana Abaya Tore from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. We have teamed this up with Machetillo from the San…

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Finca El Chocho

Finca El Chocho is a very easy drinking, smooth coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia. We released this coffee at the end of April so it should be avaialble throughout May.

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On the up

You can expect the price of a cup of coffee to increase in the coming weeks. This article looks at some of the factors which influence the price and explains why we shouldn’t begrudge this increase.

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The Cost of a Cup of Coffee

I recently watched a food related programme on TV which had a focus on the coffee scene in the U.K. As part of the programme, the cost of producing a cup of coffee was calculated along with the amount of profit for the business. I often have discussions with local coffee shop owners with regards…

Finca La Lucha

Our latest coffee from Colombia is Finca La Lucha. Read more about the origins of this coffee . . .

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Cup of Excellence

    April will be an exciting month for us at Carvetii: we have just committed to our first Cup of Excellence coffee and we are expecting delivery at the end of March. This is the first of a number of small lot coffees we’ll be exploring and making available in 2016.  The Cup of…

A step too far or a long way to travel?

A visit to one of our customers this morning reminded me of an article I’ve read recently with regards to espresso and the use of scales. This morning’s espresso was served from a machine which had been carefully dialled-in (I watched the barista do this), and my actual espresso was weighed. As it turns out,…

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A prediction round-up for 2016 (Part 3)

In the final part of my round-up of predictions for 2016 I thought I’d take a look at some of the trends which might impact on the home user. Throughout 2016 and beyond we are likely to see a continued growth in the sales of capsule coffee machines, such as Nespresso. This coffee revolution continues…

A prediction round-up for 2016 (Part 2)

In this post I continue my round-up of interesting predictions for 2016, and look at a potential negative trend for coffee shops in the local area. I found this prediction while reading the blog of James Hoffmann and it has since triggered a lot of thought processes (not that I need any more thoughts triggered!)….