Where does our coffee come from?

When people meet us for the first time in our role as coffee roaster there are certain questions which inevitably crop up. The most notable of these questions are probably: “Where does your coffee come from?” “Do you travel to origin to visit the farms?” “In your coffee Fairtrade?” “Do you drink a lot of…

Where does our coffee come from? via @carvetiicoffee

An insight into coffee farming

In around a month’s time we’ll be offering a coffee from Finca Nazareth, a farm in the Ahuachapan region of El Salvador. This particular coffee was processed at Finca El Carmen and when we recently met the owner, Fernando Alfaro, we quizzed him a little more on the processing method.

An insight into coffee farming via @carvetiicoffee

Fernando Alfaro Visits Carvetii

This week we have an exciting visitor at our Roastery. Fernando Alfaro, the owner of Finca El Carmen will be visiting the U.K. next week and will be spending the day with us as part of his itinerary. We’ve used coffee from this particular farm for a couple of years and in 2016 coffee from…

Fernando Alfaro Visits Carvetii via @carvetiicoffee

A Year of Coffee 2014

Over the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed looking back over the coffees we’ve used over the previous twelve months. ¬†Up until now this has been a relatively easy task which I’ve mostly been able to do from memory. ¬†However, looking back over 2014 has proved very different and is probably a good indicator as…