Jhon Faiber Castillo

John Faiber Castillo is a very special coffee for us. No-one else, anywhere, will be roasting and selling this particular coffee. It is very much a Carvetii exclusive and is the result of many months of negotiation between the producer, John Faiber, the exporter, Pergamino, the importer, Mercanta, and ourselves. It isn’t easy to buy…

Jhon Faiber Castillo via @carvetiicoffee

Finca El Chocho

Finca El Chocho is a very easy drinking, smooth coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia. We released this coffee at the end of April so it should be avaialble throughout May.

Finca El Chocho via @carvetiicoffee

Finca La Lucha

Our latest coffee from Colombia is Finca La Lucha. Read more about the origins of this coffee . . .

Finca La Lucha via @carvetiicoffee