Disposable Coffee Cups

Early in 2018 we began hearing rumblings about the concept of a ‘latte levy’. It followed on from a report by the House of Commons Environmental Committee ( ‘Disposable Packaging: Coffee Cups’, Jan 2018). The report highlighted the following: • around 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK…

Manipulating water for coffee

We recently wrote an article for Taste Cumbria magazine focusing on the component which makes up around 90% of your daily cup of coffee: water. This blog post is intended to build on the content of that article, for those who want to ‘dive a little deeper’ into the impact of water on your coffee….

Ground Coffee: The Results

We set about trying to determine whether there was any merit in selling ground coffee to our customers. The results, presented here, speak for themselves!