Aquiares Estate Entre Rios Anaerobic Natural

For our August Coffee Subscription we’re revisiting Aquiares Estate and a coffee we enjoyed back in March. We’ve grabbed this one very early in the season and it’s packed full of berry goodness!

Aquiares Estate Entre Rios Anaerobic Natural via @carvetiicoffee

Familia Cuchimba (Finca El Cedro)

There are certain times of the year in specialty coffee when we have a bit of a dip in the origins available to us. Around Christmas we can often rely on coffee from Brazil to fill a gap and while we await excitedly for Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees to arrive, we’re now relying on Colombia…

Familia Cuchimba (Finca El Cedro) via @carvetiicoffee

Carloman Carranza

This month’s coffee subscription is a very interesting coffee from Peru and gives us the opportunity to discuss varietals. We don’t often pick up on this aspect of coffee but the varietal, or type of coffee plant grown, can have a profound impact on the cup. The varietals in this month’s coffee are both prized…

Carloman Carranza via @carvetiicoffee