Espresso – a single shot, short, strong

On Saturday afternoon we decided to pop out for a coffee and a slice of cake – we don’t do this too often as I only end up analysing the coffee I’m served.  Usually I opt for tea – it’s a safer bet!  Anyhow in our chosen establishment (which to be fair promoted itself as a tearoom), the espresso was described on the menu as:

Espresso – a single shot, short, strong

Double espresso – two shots

I know I probably analyse things too much but menu descriptions like this disappoint me.  Firstly they lack creativity, and secondly they tell the customer nothing (except a little warning for all those who’ve never come across an espresso before and are surprised by a) how short the drink is, and b) how intense it can taste.

To me this description had a very negative air about it – the use of the word ‘short’ almost suggests you won’t get much for your money, and in this context the term ‘strong’ seems to be a warning.

Espresso, when served well, is a great drink – it has flavour, it has character and it is the basis for at least half of the drinks on the menu.  Somewhere in the world someone worked hard to grow the beans, someone’s skill went into roasting them and there was a degree of skill required to produce the drink – surely it deserves a little more recognition.

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